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Dear Friend,

You have been a witness to my 25-year career in the arts. As you have been supportive of me over the different stages of my work, I have had the privilege of launching many projects. During this time, I have been acquainted with a great number of outstanding artists who continuously develop amazing work despite the lack of representation in the professional arts market.

Today’s art market is subjected to the Zeitgeist of postmodernism. It has championed a massive space for artistic freedom and innovation. Classifications and hierarchies of modernism that label “good and bad art” are slowly being put aside.

In the past years, as I visited exhibitions and art fairs, I observed that the quality in art is no longer a point in question. Quality is displayed when an artist demonstrates or is able to articulate his/her own disposition. With such development, however, it appears that postmodern philosophy has consented to the stark and arbitrariness of success instead of finding truth and authenticity in art.

Should the various requirements of postmodern time in which we live today be mastered, then, in my opinion radical and extensive civilcourageous acting is indispensable. This presupposes a shift of social paradigma, which moves again the truthful attitude of humans into the central focus, without establishing new values again at the same time. Because values require politically-correct behavior and distract rather the view of the thruthful attitude and civilcourageous action.

During this socially neccescarilly consciousmaking the authenticity in the arts play an important role. I am now with same-minded ones (artist, musician, authors, film producer, etc.) innitiating a “processgallery”, which has written exactly this on its flags. In order to guarantee the financing of such initiative, I am in inviting like-minded people like you to join the circle of friends for the GALLERY. As a pioneering member of the circle of friends, the GALLERY requests you to contribute 50 Euro/monthly from October 2009 to October 2010. In exchange for your contribution, you will receive an allowance for an artwork from one of the artists of the gallery.

Thanking you for your continuous support.

Sincerely yours,

Romen Banerjee
Berliner Sparkasse
BLZ 100 500 00
Konto 670268780

Download: prozessgalerie.manifest.engl